Life in Iran

During 2 years studying in Iran you will have a lot of time for research and fun. You can visit a lot of interesting places in Tehran and all over Iran. Furthermore ABU will have several cultural and religious tours during the academic year.

There are several Shia holy shrines all over Iran. It is a good opportunity for visiting the holy shrine of Imam Redha (the 8th Imam of Shia) in the city of Mashhad. Religious city of Qom (close to Tehran) hosts Fatima Masoumah holy shrine, Imam Redha’s sister.

Imam Redha holy shrine in Mashhad

You can visit ancient areas which show ancient Iranian culture and history. You will see some artworks remaining after several thousand years in Iranian museums. Iranian cities have a lot of historical touristic buildings. Modern constructions such as Milad tower and Nature Bridge in Tehran are spectacular.


Golestan Palace, Tehran

Golestan Palace, Tehran

Dizin Ski Resort, Tehran


Also, Iran’s Nature is very interesting for foreign tourists. At the same time Iran has four different seasons weather inside the country. Natural jungle, desert, Sahara, Mountains, Ski resorts and waterfalls are available in Iran.

ABU tries to provide students with sport and fitness facilities such as sport complexes and swimming pool.