"Adhva Al Hikmah Journal"

Ahlul Bayt International University

Director Responsible: Dr. Seyed Abolhasan Makhzan Mousavi

This quarterly journal covers Islamic Mysticism and Theology subjects.




The English title of this book is "Perfect Human in Islamic Mysticism Text". Dr. Seyed Abolhasan Makhzan Mousavi has written the book and Ahlul Bayt International University has published it by "Human Sciences and Cultural Studies Research Center" in the year 2014.

The book contains a look at historical theory about Perfect Human, represented by Ebne Arabi in 7th hejri century. Ebne arabi established a new arrangement for theoretical Mysticism and his follower Sadr al Din Qunavi continue his way.  Nikelsen issued the other approach about perfect human. He believes perfect human title has roots in Sufism history.

After research literature, writer represent following chapters:

1-    Human in vocabulary and the Holy Quran.

2-    Perfect Human and the Holy Quran.

3-    Confucius school of thought

4-    Zoroaster religious thoughts

5-    Manichaean thoughts

6-    Christianity thoughts

7-    Perfect human in the Bibles

8-    Caliphate concept

9-    Caliphate in the holy Quran

10-  Salvation concept in Islam