Objective and Missions


According to article 4 of university statute, university objectives are:

1-    Specifying the holy Quran and Ahlul Bayt sciences and wisdom in all international fields especially through academic societies.

2-    Facilitating the process of reviving Islamic culture and civilization and Ahlul Bayt legacy.

3-    Providing scientific and research necessities of Muslim (especially Ahlul Bayt followers) all over the world and enhancing their abilities.

4-    Transferring search results to research centers of the world according to Imam Khomeini and Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei thoughts and Islamic revolution experiences.


1-    Identifying scientific and research needs of universities and cultural, educational centers, especially in the Muslim world in order to represent scientific and research services to them.

2-    Training competent researchers and experts in order to supply all countries (especially Muslim world) with faithful researchers and experts and improving scientific, research and professional level of Muslims, especially Ahlul Bayt followers and enhancing their abilities in engineering, medical and scientific fields by admitting Muslim and Ahlul Bayt follower applicants. The Ahlul Bayt International University admits students independently in agreement with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The university admits applicants with two methods:

a)    Directly by the Ahlul Bayt University in Iran

b)   Through a model of agreement with other universities, under cultural and educational supervision of the Ahlul Bayt International University. The University will provide dormitory for this group of students.