Learning center for Persian Language


Persian learning center professionally started its work from December, 2012. Many students from different countries have learned the Persian language in this center. All students can speak, read and write Persian after 6 months. So they can continue their academic career with Persian language, having Persian classes and Persian books.

Holding camps in urban and suburban training center are considered as other programs of this Persian language learning center.

Basic career: for 4 months students have 30 hours classes per week. Students work on speaking, writing, and reading and grammar skills. At the end of this career, students should pass the Persian Comprehensive Test. Then they can get permission to register in their selected field of study.

Supplemental Career: A short training career will be held after the university assessment. Students who could not pass the Comprehensive Persian Test should attend this supplementary career.

Instructor Training: In order to Persian Language promotion and spreading Islamic Sciences, talented students are invited to attend these classes. At the end of the career students can teach Persian and learn about Persian literature. They receive a special Diploma from Persian Language Learning Center and Ahlul Bayt International University.

 Learning Persian is necessary for studying in Ahlul Bayt International University. You can use a lot of Persian learning books and websites. Use following links:

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Education at ABU

Students should pass 32 credits in 2 academic year in order to get MA degree. All students write a thesis about their field of study.

Students should select their field of study compatible with their bachelor degree. University will decide about additional credits in necessary situations.

Now ABU is presenting these fields of study:

        Penal Law

        Private Law

        History of Islam

        Islamic Theology

        Islamic Mysticism

        International Relations

University checks all documents and choose students among applicants. Then all Students should pass Persian Language career. Professors teach main courses in Persian in next semesters. 

Graduated students will receive a valid M.A. license from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran.




AhlulBayt International University represent 7 Master fields of study. Students should have at least Bachelor Degree. Islamic Mysticism, Islamic Theology, International Relations, Islamic Economy, History of Islam, Penal Law and Criminology and Private Law. Also All Shia students from all over the world can ask for other post graduate fields of study. University will try to admit them according to Admission Council Regulation.