AhlulBayt International University helps you through Admission Process. You should first study Requirements for Admission. Then you can feel application form. You can read 2 guidance files during feeling application form. Please pay attention to the format of dates and numbers. You should upload your scanned documents through registration. 


Admission Priorities


  • Memorizing the Holy Quran (Complete or a part of the Holy Quran).
  • Acquaintance with a foreign language.
  • Acquaintance with Persian language.
  • Acquaintance with Howzeh courses.
  • Having publications (book, article, research plan)
  • Being active in Political, Cultural or Social context in homeland country.



Ahlul Bayt High International University accepts non-Iranian applicants and those interested in studying in Iran in the fields of private law, penal law, history of Islam, and Islamic mysticism. Below are the general conditions of reception:


General Conditions of Reception:

        Having good reputation, upright morals, and commitment to the Islamic tenets

        Having a full physical and mental health.

        Having valid documents to reside in Iran during the academic period.

        Having a valid and an official graduate diploma. You should have at least a Bachelor degree. Your field of study should be compatible with selected field in MA or PhD. The university will decide about prerequisite courses.

        Familiarity with an official language like English, French or Arabic. Being fluent in a foreign language is a positive point for admitting.

        Passing the entrance exam and the interview.

        Passing the Farsi Language course. (You will have a Persian Language course at the beginning of your career.)

        Your age should not be more than 27.

        Having a credible Introducer. (The university will ask Introducers about applicants.)

         Practicing Islam and being a follower of Ahlul Bayt’s (PBUT) thoughts.


Required Documents for Registering:

        Filling the Reception Form

        Copy of the diplomas and the detailed account of the previous grades of education approved by the attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran in that country

        Two personal photos

        Copy of the passport. (Valid passport at least for 2 years).

        Three Letters of Recommendation from the previous professors (for post-graduate and PhD applicants.)

        A written request of studying in Iran.




Scholarship and Financial Aid


Free Education.


Free Dormitory (24 months) in one of the best Tehran neighborhoods.


During 6 months Farsi Learning students receive 850000 Rials per month.


During studying students receive 1700000 Rials per month.


Free Cultural Programs.


Health Insurance for 24 months is available for free.


Tuition for 24 months: lunch every day (10000 Rials) and tuition fee for dinner 625000 Rials per month.


Visa is valid for 24 months.


Students can ask for loan.


Subsidy for buying books is available.



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