About ABU

AhlulBayt International University, is located in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran. The AhlulBayt International University is a non-governmental university which was founded by the AhlulBayt World Assembly in the year 1999, under the name of the AhlulBayt Higher Education Center to educate non-Iranian students, for the Master’s degree.

The charter of this center was approved by the Council for Development of Higher Education and was officially licensed by the Ministry of Science in the year 2001. On April 5, 2014, upon the approval of the High Council for Higher Education, this center was promoted into the AhlulBayt (A.S) International University. In accordance with its new charter, this university, in addition to covering Human Sciences, developed its academic activities to experimental sciences, medicine, technical and engineering courses. Now, Professor Seyyed Abolhasan Makhzan Mousavi is president of the University.